Brothers had the rest in Check

On Sunday afternoon, Scone played host to the Juniors and Company Section Battalion Chess competitions. We saw 14 boys in the Juniors competition and 4 boys in the Company Section competition, with 6 companies being represented.

With the Juniors having too many for a round-robin format and a straight knockout not being a popular option for the Boys Brigade, as we do not want to see people having so little involvement, they played in a Swiss system format with 4 rounds. Now if you are thinking that sounds like a foreign language, do not worry the organiser Callum Laing had no idea about it either, but the wonders of the internet brings us an explanation here! Having a smaller group, the Company Section played a round-robin group, followed by a 3rd/4th play-off and final.

In recent years, we have some seen some very quick rounds with quite one sided games. This year was very different with most games lasting between 20 and 30 minutes. Although we did see Mathew Stevenson successful pull off a 4 move checkmate.

In the Juniors, we saw the leader board constantly changing and throwing up new potential challenges for the trophy. While some made fast starts and faded and some started slowly and then made late charges. Harris O'Loughlin kept his nerve and saw off all comers who tried to knock him off the top.

Company Section, we saw Logan Mudie come out of the round-robin stage on top, failing to loose any matches. Lewis O'Loughlin faced him the final, after suffering his only defeat earlier to Logan. An upset was caused and we saw Lewis take revenge over Logan and make sure the O'Loughlin was going to have to clear some extra space on the mantelpiece.

Well done to Lewis and Harris on their victories. All the boys played the games in excellent spirit and enjoyed themselves. A thank you goes out to all who were involved in making sure the event ran smoothly.

Full results and standing can be found here.

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