2017 - A Look Ahead

The festive of period is well shaken off and we are all past the point of wishing everyone a Happy New Year. The longest term of the session is now in full swing and there is plenty to look forward to within the Battalion during this period.

On Sunday afternoon, we kick the 2017 Battalion events off with the Juniors and Company Section Chess. Young people will compete individually for the 2 titles. With a round robin format it will ensure everyone gets a good number of matches under their belt and we look forward to see who comes out on top.

February and March are packed full of great events, covering all the sections.

The start of February sees 5-a-side football get the focus. Company Section will have their competition on Tuesday 7th, with the Juniors the following Tuesday (14th). Both of these will be held at Bell's Sports Centre.

At the end of the month will see all sections take part in the World Mission Fun Run on the North Inch, Perth. More and more young people appear to enjoy running and this event allows us to combine that enjoyment with an opportunity to raise funds for a great cause. More can be found out about this year's World Mission Project at www.worldmissionfund.org.uk.

March will see us start off with 2 new events and then followed up by 2 old favourites.

Company Section will have their Volleyball and Basketball competitions held on the same day at Bankfoot. While these have both been competed for in years previously, the format for both will change, especially Volleyball. This will take place on Saturday 4th March.

One week later, our youngest members (Anchors) will be off to visit the Dundee Science Centre on 11th March. They will travel through to find out all the exciting exhibitions that the centre has to offer and hopefully learn some new and interesting things!

The Midnight Hike is the best attended Company Section event in recent years with regularly over 30 boys taking part each year, often well exceeding that number. This event combines orienteering, challenges and observation questions, all done in the dark. To outsiders this often sounds like a crazy event, but those who have ever been involved will tell you it is great fun and a very unique event. This takes part on Friday 17th March.

For the Juniors, the Festival of Activities is the next Friday (24th). This event combines Figure Marching and Singing competitions. Details are sent to companies in advance to prepare and then companies compete on the night to impress the judges with what they have learnt.

To conclude the year, in May, we have the Anchors & Juniors Sports taking place on Saturday 13th. This takes place at Bell's and comprises of young people having a shot at multiple different sports, then finishing off with a massive potted sports relay race.

All these events are great fun and give young people opportunities that may not be available to them within their own company and interact with different people from around the Battalion. Every company will also offer numerous different things for young people to take part in that are different to these events and also complement them. If you have young person who is looking for somewhere they can learn new skills and have new, fun experiences why not consider sending them along to your nearest company?

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